Greg - AMCC #4 07/08

No Hair Race Report from Greg Protecta AMCC Champs Round 4, April 27th.

I did a lap in the 1.03's!

Sorry for the very late race report, I've been doing too much riding and not enough writing over the last couple of months.

AMCC held a rider training day on April 20th and that was great for keeping my fitness level ticking over for the following weekend. I lapped into the low 1:05's without trying too hard and played with some suspension settings and felt pretty good for the last round of the club champs (I even let Dave T out on my bike).

Pukekohe turned on dry weather for most of the day which was pretty amazing as it usually rains at least once a month but the big drought was great for road racing. F1 practice was up first and I managed to get in the high 5's with a 1:05.82 putting me 11th out of 15 on the grid. F2 practice was next and I went a little faster with a 1:05.19 and 9th out of 12.

I was still playing with gear changes after adding a tooth to the rear sprocket at round 3 but I started to get into a good rhythm exitting the hairpin in 2nd then short changing up into 5th for the first left hander then going into 6th along the front straight and holding it around turn 1 as long as possible before dropping into 3rd for Castrol.

The 1st Formula 1 race saw my best lap of the day at 1:03.89 as I tried to keep up with an R1 then later a Ducati 999 finishing with me 12th (not quite last!). I didn't get back into the 1:03's in the later races but I did do plenty of low 1:04's. The second F1 race saw a couple less people start and I came in 10th. I skipped the last F1 race as I was running low on fuel and thought I'd need it for the final F2 race but as we were getting ready to go out the rain came down making the track super slippery and the meeting was closed.

In the two Formula 2 races I finished 9th and 8th to score a few more points in the championship. By my calculation I came in 8th out of 37 entrants so not good enough to get into the top 5 this year but the competition was a lot better than the previous couple of years with a number of new riders coming through.

I'm not sure where I ended up in the F1 championship so will have to wait for the official results to come through.

Thanks to AMCC and the flag marshalls for running a successful series, my goal was to get into the 1:03's at Pukekohe and even in March I didn't think it was going to happen so you CAN teach an old dog new tricks (don't think I'll be getting into the 58's soon though).

Big thanks again to Henderson Motorcycles, Pirelli Tyres and the Missus! Thanks also to SSSLodge 'for real horsepower' and for their continued support.

Catch u L8R, Greg

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