Logan - SsangYong SB Champs R3, '05/06

Saturday/Sunday 7th/8th January 2006 Ssanyong National Super bike series, Round 3 Teretonga

Well I am going to make this one short! Not only because of the bike trouble suffered during it but possibly more my own trouble with riding in the wet facing other problems aswell.

Practise was good on the Friday in terms of where my head was at, and how I was going, although we struggled on with the 450 motor not running right, it was far from on pace having to run it under 10,000rpm but I still managed to stick somewhere around the back of the pack as per feel during the practise day.

On came Saturday which was Qualifying and One race (Regular format for nationals) and with it came the rain! I was already far from a confident racer in the wet, and with the engine issues it ment I had not worked on faulting then improving my own riding to get better, which is where it all went downhill! Needless to say I was nearly last, coming in infront of 1 other rider, which was going to give me points anyway, and to my advantage one rider up front pulled out with engine trouble and another slipped off the track during racing.

Sunday was even worse, with the rider I diced with the day before not there, I had nobody to cling onto, and in the wrong state of mind for racing at the time I didn’t drive myself to push and catch riders ahead. I was further off any race pace then I had ever been before. But at least with the lack of finishers in both races keeping it upright (damn near even around the corners!) I got a point or 2 in each race.

Gutted as I was with my results, but more so with myself because I knew I had not given it my absolute best, I decided after a sharp whack around the back of the head for riding like a nana, to take it as a big wakeup call. I may have come from near one end of the country to the other knowing I wasn’t going to win Formula 3, but I certainly didn’t come this far to give in and sell myself short of my best effort at it!

Though I feel I let you guys down at this meeting, I do appreciate all the support, and things do get better, Stay tuned for the next report from Levels – Timaru. Cheers: Henderson Motorcycles, Pirelli Tyres, SSSLodge, www.ezSite.co.nz, New Zealand Towing ltd, Golden Gun Panel and Paint, The Pallet Company (Glen Eden), Autostop (New Lynn)


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