Logan - AMCC #2, '05/'06

No Hair Racing Race Report from Logan AMCC #2

Well It could not have been a better day for it with the new paintwork from Golden Gun gleaming in the sun, Conditions were right for racing, and I was all set ready to go with only one small problem… There was 10mins till scrutineering and the bike still wasn’t ready. Greg had been up till the small hours of the morning swapping engines just so I had a bike to ride today, and up again early in the morning to load up and make it to pukekohe. But all was okay, thanks to the help of Hamish (Pit bitch for the day), Greg, Bob, and Nod for bringing the fairings I had forgotten.

Ill skip all the frustration of the morning, and skip straight to Practise/Qualifying. I ran out there on the ’87 FZR400 motor in the ’91 FZR400 frame, despite having some technical difficulties with the front suspension (It was a bit on the firm side). Things went okay, I was in the right frame of mind, with the only issue being the firm front end, making Turn 1 and the lefts after the hairpin a little sketchy, aswell as initial braking into the hairpin with the back end lifting so easy, however I qualified in 11th position of 22, with a lap time of 1:13:xx.

Race 1 came and I was on the third row of the grid, ready for the holeshot… when to my left a bike started creeping the start, I foolishly got distracted with frustration and lost focus of the flag. Obviously I got a poor start and think I went into turn 1 in around 14th place. Good drive out of Turn 4 meant I got as much as I could out of the old girl to carry me down the backstraight, which saw a position, then into the hairpin another few. I must have sat in 9th place for the majority of the race, with 3 bikes ahead within range for the short 6 lap race. On the 2nd to last lap, with a gap pending on the inside coming into the hairpin I was reluctant to pull the brakes in as early as I had been, and flew passed one of the bikes, then braking I rolled just passed another, and finally hitching 1st gear I went under the 3rd bike on entry to the hairpin! It couldn’t have worked out better, and flying out of the hairpin hooking up the gearbox I ran as hard as I could, to see the white flag to signal the last lap. Unfortunately for me, but to the credit of Gary on his VFR440, he got me by 0.03 of a second to the finish line, I had tried my best to get the power down early coming onto the front straight, but with worries of the front end sticking it wasn’t enough to stop the power of the 440 coming passed.

Thrilled by the first race, and happy with 7th and a fastest lap time coming down to 1:11.49 I was ready to do it all over again with hopefully a better start, and that I got! Excepting that both bikes beside me got much the same start I pushed into turn 2 all but not quite tight enough as a bike slipped under me and I think touching my left knee slider. Without the same drive down the back straight as the first race I struggled to hold position, and a few bikes got a fair way out of reach, with only a few ahead of me to collect within the next 5 laps. Into the hairpin again I cought a bike, meanwhile every lap I diced for position with a ZXR400 which nearly every lap came around the outside of me into turn 1. It was a helpless feeling wanting to flow into turn 1 faster but barely being able to keep faith in the front, let alone hang on at the pace I was already doing, so I opted to play the safe card and continue to go a bit slower, but bring the bike back to Greg in one piece, and find another way ahead. So into the hairpin I on the inside I went passed the ZXR400 (now in 9th place) and with another full lap to go after the current I got enough drive out of the hairpin to flow around the outside of another bike setting me into 8th. It was already apparent I could not gain anymore places as the rest of the pack had gotten too far ahead, so I maintained 8th place and made sure nobody would come passed me again on the last lap.

All in all it was an excellent day, with a grin left on my face to prove how happy I was with the results despite the technical difficulties endured throughout the day (I haven’t mentioned the gearing being a touch high, which made gearshifts different)

Thanks personally to Hamish T for all his help, Greg, Bob, Nod, and everybody else who helped make my day. All going well we will have the front forks perfect, the rear suspension improved, and the trick motor with all the fruity bits ready in 3 weeks time for the first round of the Nationals @ Pukekohe Park Raceway (10th/11th December, feel free to come down and support!)

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