Bob - Vic Club #4, '05

No Hair Racing Race Report Vic Club #4

Its Friday 22nd July 2005 and I'm heading out to Greg's Place at Te Kawhata for another race meeting at Manfield. We'd previously preloaded the bikes on the Thursday night to try to enable us to make it to Fielding and Uncle Fred's before midnight to try and get some shut eye, we arrived at 11.15p.m. to be warmly greeted as usual.

Saturday morning we arrived at the track at 7.30a.m., the weather was fine with a cool wind. Greg and I unloaded the bikes, we changed my wets to the drys. Greg was out first in the practice, it was the reverse circuit this time so its always a challenge. Greg said that the ESS was slippery and that was due to being all left hand corners and the hairpin and ESS the only right hand corners on the cold side of the tire.

I went out in the F3 race, there was 30 riders and I qualified 20th in the F3 on the Grid and 14th in the Post Classic Juniors race. The green flag dropped and we were into the first corner, I saw Mitch go past me. Then coming out of turn one I saw a rider go out onto the edge of the tarseal and grass, then came back onto the track right in front of me, I had to brake hard to avoid hitting him.

Suddenly I was then tumbling and rolling down the track, it seemed to go on forever. A rider had hit me from behind. When I stopped I got up and I saw another rider lying on the left hand side of the track. I went over to see if he was alright, he was moving but in pain, he said he thought he was the rider that had hit me, there was nothing I could do to help him until the ambulance arrived.

I then noticed my bike and it had a small flame burning under the fuel tank, I desperately tried splashing water on it until a marshal came along with a BCF extinguisher, after five or six extinguishers the fire continued to burn due to the strong wind blowing. The fibreglass and plastic caught and it was unstoppable. This was very devastating as there was nothing I could do to stop it.

The ambulance arrived so after I helped the injured rider on to the stretcher and they took him away in the ambulance. I then heard there was more a serious accident around on the start finish straight and it looked bad, Greg was at the start finish line waiting to do some lap times on me as I came around the track and unfortunately for Greg, he saw the whole terrible scene.

I have since found out that Paul a rider that rode in that race with me, narrowly swerved to miss me as I was tumbling and sliding down the track, thanks Paul for avoiding me!!!

bye for now Bob No. 55

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