Bob - Vic Club #3, '05

Victoria Club Manfield

Round #3

Back to Manfield again, arrived at track after 7am, weather was fine.

I had my wets already on the bike, so we changed to dries which was a mistake - because soon after that it started to rain - that lasted all day.

The day became wet and there was an icy cold wind - I just missed going out onto the track for qualifying for Post Classic Juniors and Qualified 24th for F3.

I found the track very slippery which confirmed what Greg had said when he first went out.

In race number three I was getting more confident and that was when I fell off my bike coming into turn 1 off the front straight somewhere around the 200m and 100m breaking markers.

I was breaking and the next thing I was sliding on my stomach.

I decided to wait until I had stopped sliding before getting up, as I remembered that you shouldn't get up before stopping.

There was not too much damage, i.e. broken brake lever and minor faring damage.

So after getting rid of excess fuel in the cylinders I was back out on the track for the next two races. Needless to say I took it a lot easier.

Some of the cause for my fall was due to my wet gloves and very cold, wet, numb hands, with very little feeling in them. Logan had cold hands as well. Not all of us are warm blooded like Greg, he can go out onto the track with cold hands and come back with warm hands!

My best time in Post Classic Junior was 1min 35sec in F3.

After dropping the bike my times went from 1min 38sec to 1min 42sec.

Thanks to our sponsors Henderson Motorcycles, Pirelli Tyres, SSS Lodge,, BK Engineering, and to the Victorian Motorcycle Club for running another very successful event under trying conditions.


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