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No Hair Racing Race Report

Vic Club #4

Terrible day at Manfeild.

Yesterday was one of those days that if you could turn back the clock by 24 hours we all would have wished we could.

The day started out pretty much the same as all race days and the weather was dry. Practice sessions and qualifying went well for both Bob & I, and I was out racing first in the 12 lap Supersport race. Bob went out next in Post Classics and had a good result then he went out again in the first of the Superlite races.

I missed the first start of Bob's race but it was red flagged and I was there for the re-start to get his lap times. The field took off and the leading bunch swept around Dunlop corner running in reverse direction for this round. Bob was about two thirds back and as he exited Dunlop along the back straight toward Higgins, one of the riders in front was out on the grass and veered back on to the track in front of Bob. Bob braked a little to avoid him and was hit from behind and left side by a third rider. Bob went down on his left side and he rolled and slid coming to a stop about 100m down the track, his bike went about 50m further and burst into flames. Another rider went down nearby bring the total to four at the back of the track.

Seeing the four riders go down, the race was red flagged and as the leaders were just coming through the final turn on to the front straight they were flagged to a stop on the start finish line to form up again. More than a dozen riders had stopped when the tragedy occurred, riders further back on the track had not seen the red flag and at least three riders crashed into the riders on the grid.

It was the worst accident I have seen with five people lying on the track and one killed instantly. People jumped over the pit wall and helped as much as they could until the ambulances arrived.

All the No Hair Race Team members wish to offer our condolences and sympathies to the Brunton family and friends. We wish the injured riders a speedy recovery.

Bob's bike continued to burn for about 40 mins even after two fire extinguishers were used and we were able to retrieve his bike about an hour and a half later. Bob's in good shape with just a few bruises and a grazed elbow but his bike is beyond repair.

Regards, Greg

No Hair Racing Team

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