Logan - AMCC #4, '05

AMCC Round 4 21.05.05

Another wicked race day to say the least! The day was declared wet before practise, and I was out there with a spanking new set of Pirelli Supercorsa's.

Practise 1: Well I had just prior done about 10 laps in the scrub session, of which I was incredibly timid in, and took it very easy, but at least in this practise I found some sort of a groove – knowing well that I couldn’t afford to lay the bike down, but that I did have to make one risky lap at an attempt for front row qualification. This worked out for me and with some minor movement here and there I did what had to be done and struggled a 3rd in qualifying, perfect, front row of the grid all day!

Race 1 came soon enough and before it some time without rain… I was on the grid with tyres still not scrubbed fully, but at least a fairly dry wide line around the track to play with.

Flag dropped and I belted into the first corner in 1st place, down to the hairpin pressuring myself too much, and loosing the rear fairly far to my right, which when caught back set me a little out and lost 1 place coming out of the hairpin. I ran around with a few minor slips and stuff ups in the first 2 laps then having frosty whiz up the inside of me coming back around into turn 1-showing me how its meant to be done.

With this and tyres that were coming to warm I tried to hold the rear of his bike however broke traction a touch heading into the right hander after the hairpin (nothing serious, just a little warning). Still trying to keep up with frosty we came around to overtake a number of 125s of which 2 he got passed nicely prior to a corner and I got a little caught up for a bit (the biker gods were already favouring him!).

However with 3 laps clear to close there was some pressure but the Pirellis by now were working a gem and that gap closed like I couldn’t believe, then holding his rear for the final lap I short-shifted thru the S’s to be pulling stronger midway thru the right hander where I could hear Frosty's beast slamming the rev limiter… underneath I went and taking the close to typical (but slightly tighter) twin apex line of the sweeper I knew the door would be shut on frosty if he was attempting to sneak under.

Race 2 was much of the same to be honest, after setting a faster time then the guy in front in the first race (the big catch-up probably did that) I thought if I started well enough I would have a go at 1st, however the launch went well but in typical VFR fashion I engaged clutch, shifted into second, disengaged and smacked the power on, only to have her spit out of 2nd gear and a big over rev (It makes me cringe when that happens!)… With this frosty, 32, and the motard shot ahead, well there goes the chance of 1st!

I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself as it was a points meeting for me (after just working out we get them?!), so I got the motard back and comfortably settled in 6inches from Frosty’s rear for 7 laps… around around, around, lots of knee down I guess so it was entertaining, then last lap, you got it! Here come the S’s and frosty I will do it again and again! Same deal, run to the line with Frosty’s points!

Race 3… well after lots of rain the track was well soaked, without the option of wets we took a quick team meeting. After some simple addition (yeah I'm still having trouble with that!) I had done all I needed to do, so long as I completed both the next races my position overall wouldn’t change, the only way for it to change would be for me to get 2nd or better in at least one of the races, which would mean riding really risky for the sakes of 1st place overall, and I was already well stoked with 2nd (and It seems a tad unfair Jason Hulme not being at the meeting).

So in conclusion to the meeting standing orders were to finish, just stay upright son! I think the words were.

Race 4... well yeah much of the same, lost 1 more place then in Race 3 which surprised me a little but good on the guy on the RGV, he deserved that and I didn’t want to risk anything for no return. Well what a wicked day!!!

So I ask myself at the end of it what positive have I taken with me from this day? That's racing isn’t just about the guy with the biggest stones, its numbers, and its mind games. I’ve come away from Taupo today with a lot more up my sleeve for next time then I expected and some more ideas to ponder on.

First Thanks goes to Adam @ Henderson Motorcycles, I was in a tight situation only a day out from racing and he really went the extra mile-

I’m very pleased with how they worked in the dry at least thanks. Second to Eh Boy Racing, and the westies and the friends that have really helped along the way. Included in that is No Hair Racing, cheers Greg!

Finally I’d like to say Thanks to my dad. The guy that’s always there, even if not physically beside me-the advice, the work, and that simple addition I have trouble with-cheers!


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