Bob - Vic Club #2, '05

Round 2 of 6 Victoria Club - 21st May 2005

It was a struggle to repair the 450 for the 2nd round of Manfield. The last outing I had I dropped two exhaust valves in No. 4 cylinder - wrecking the 600 head due to the valves touching the piston valve cut out on the edge at 13000 to 14000 rpm. I had to put my 400 head back on and lap the valves in and set valve clearances, some I had to grind to have the right clearances. As Greg was over in America working very hard, I asked Bruce a friend of mine to come down to Manfield. We left Friday night at 6.00p.m. arriving in Fielding at 12.30a.m. after a friendly talk with the local traffic officer, who stopped us and gave us a ticket for exceeding the temporary speed limit through roadwork’s as you come into Fielding.

We arrived at my Uncle Fred’s to a cheerful greeting, considering the hour of the morning. Saturday dawned and at the track it was overcast, Bruce went to the infield with his camera gear to take some great action shots of the meeting. I quickly found that the bike wasn’t running that good, as it had a flat spot from 11000 to 13500 rpm, which seemed to become worse as the day proceeded. Later on the meeting was wet, so I changed to the wets and later after a few races, I changed back to the dry tyres. I didn’t start the last F3 race due to real sore knee and not changing my wets to dries and I didn’t want to destroy the tyres, as the track had really dried up. I had a great day with Kevin, Gavin MacKay, Paul and Mike, Mike who I leant my spare battery to keep him going. The F3 field came to 45 riders with me finishing 26th and the Post Classic Juniors, 2nd out of 13 riders. I missed Greg’s company as did the others who all asked where he was. My thanks to the Victoria club for a well run meeting, next time the round 3 will be reversed track. I thank my sponsors, Adam Inta of Henderson Motorcycles and his team, Pirelli Tyres, SSS Lodge, Webdes, and BK Engineering. Also Bruce for coming for the ride and excitement and Uncle Fred for putting up with us. Until next time.

Bob Knight

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