Bob - 300km Endurance Race

300KM Endurance Race at Pukekohe Race Track

Saturday at Pukekohe is hot and sunny. Greg and I were here for the practice day of the 300 KM Endurance Race. I did both the practices as I hadn’t ridden Greg’s 05 Yamaha 600 which was purchased from Adam Inta of Henderson Motorcycles, and his help was invaluable in supplying up braided front brake hoses and Pirelli Tyres for this endurance race.

Greg then did the qualifying for Sundays race. Then it was back to changing gear ratio’s and minor adjusts ready for Sunday. It was good to see Adam there on Saturday riding his Ducati Number 19 as he’d said that the last time he’d ridden at Pukekohe it was four years ago.

Sunday arrived back again at the race track, the weather was wet, with plenty of water on the track. Chris Wiltshire and his wife were the Pit Crew and Kyra my daughter agreed to be the brolley dolly, even had her photo taken with the paid models on the race track. Out came the wets and Greg did the warm up laps prior to the start of the race. Greg was riding the first 39 laps and then I did the second 30 laps. I found I was counting laps and looking forward to lap 78 when there was an accident on the track and a safety car came out, due to a rider off on the corner on the front straight. That was my cue to come in from the track from the lap scorers being Alex, Haydn, Karl. Greg went out to complete the final laps of the 300 K endurance race. While Greg was out on the track it started to drizzle which reflected in some slower lap times, and a few riders dropping their bikes at least the last chequered flag came out to Andrew Stroud with much relief from the other riders. The running of the 300 k race was well organised and thanks to Vince and his helpers, along with AMC, this was a very successful event, also with a first being a safety car coming out on the race track. Thanks to Adam Inta and his wife and his helpers from Henderson Motorcycles, Chris and Stella, Kyra, Alex, Karl and Haydn and Vina and Jane. Until next time, Bob

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