Greg - Vic Club #1 & AMCC #3, '05

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Vic Club #1 & AMCC #3

Two Action Packed Days for Bob, Logan & Greg.

Bob & I competed in the first round of the Vic Club series and third round of the AMCC series last weekend while Logan spent Saturday on the 450 at Pukekohe putting more miles on the clock ready for racing on Sunday. Unfortunately he found that the carburetion is not set up for the 450 motor at higher revs and has broken an exhaust valve.

Bob had a good day at Manfeild on his 450. Vic Club were running the full 4.5km circuit and Bob's 450 is pulling a lot stronger in the mid range dropping his lap times from 143 secs on the old 400 to 134 secs for the 450. I haven't ridden a 600 on the long circuit but my best on the 400 was 141 secs but the new R6 made that look very slow with my times coming down to 129 secs.

Bob's next day at Pukekohe wasn't as much fun as he also found his carburetion was limiting his top speed and also had engine trouble. Bob has taken the head off and found that both exhaust valves have snapped off at the base and damaged the #4 piston & cylinder. It looks like the bigger valves on the 600 head have been touching the edges of the piston valve cut-outs on all four pistons the same problem as my 450 so we have some work to do.

The rest of this report is all about the fun I had on the new R6 :-) (Need to chase up Logan & Bob for their reports)

If you hadn't read my last news report, Henderson Motorcycles have set us up with a 2005 Yamaha R6 and combined with the latest Pirelli Super Corsa Pro tyres, that bike is one super-hot piece of machinery!!!

Over the last couple of years on my old Thundercat 600 I've been watching everyone from the back of the field, but now I'm back to chasing the middle of the pack. Manfeild was the 1st time I'd had it on the track and I quickly realised it had a lot more power and better spread than the old engine. The R6 is much more tolerant of coming out of a corner in the wrong gear and without a steering dampener you get lots of head shake (controllable though) when powering down the straights.

The handling is a little different with higher centre of gravity, but adhesion of the big 180 tyre plus Pirelli tyres means I should be able to add a lot of corner speed once I get used to it. I ended up the day at Manfeild being very pleased with a lap time only 2 to 4 secs off the guys I'd like to beat later this year.

At Pukekohe the power of the new bike really was evident as even with a strong head wind down the back straight I hit the rev limiter in 6th gear running the same gearing we had used on Chris' 1999 R6. Close to 280kph according to the Yamaha speed/gearing charts.

Race 1 had extra excitement as I had a relatively good start and knew that Richard Driver was right behind and would be out to get me. As I came over the top of the hill onto the front straight almost at red-line in 4th gear there was a bike down in front of me and another rider just to the right so my only option was to go left onto the grass. All I could think was that here goes my nice new bike on it's second day out. Remembering that road bike's fall over on wet grass I kept it as upright as possible and didn't dare touch the brakes managing to gently steer it back onto the track still doing around 190 before hitting the large puddle at the bottom of the hill.

Needless to say I was happy to have survived and the race was stopped. I didn't get quite as good a start when we went out again but I was still on an adrenalin high for the rest of the day.

In the second race I had a bit of fun with one of the naked 1000's. He out powered me coming onto the back straight two laps in a row but I managed to go around the outside at the kink as he ran out of top end.

So hopefully I'll have the gearing all sorted out ready for the 300km race next weekend for Bob and me :-)

We calculate we can do the 300km race on 3 tanks of gas so I'll do the first 45 mins then Bob will take over. Chris and Stell have accepted the jobs of pit crew so it should be a heap of fun. Sky Sport will be televising the qualifying sessions on Saturday night (7th) then the full race on Sunday from 1:45pm on.

And now some words for our sponsors - Henderson Motorcycles have been amazing with their support, so I strongly recommend giving them a call for any Yamaha bikes, parts or accessories and you won't be disappointed. Pirelli Tyres are the best we've used yet and we'd also like to thank Protecta Insurance for sponsoring the Auckland Club series and the 300km Endurance race.

Also many thanks to SSSLodge who allow me out on the weekend, for our website and BK Engineering for their support.

Hope to see you all out at Pukekohe on the 8th.

Bye for now, Greg

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