Bob - AMCC#1 Pukekohe

No Hair Racing Race Report Auckland MC Club #1 September 12th 2004

Well here we are again back at the race track, the day is fine, slightly overcast with a tail wind down the back straight. Greg had been out at the track on Friday with the YZF600 in 3TJ frame and had a great time drafting a couple of 1000cc bikes down the back straight and then go pass under brakes, he said the bike was going really well and was looking forward to racing on Sunday at Pukekohe.

On the Sunday we met up at the track, and Greg and I unloaded the bikes and started preparing the bikes for racing. Greg started the 600 and when it fired it was making a horrible noise. We stopped it and checked over the bike, then restarted it then stopped. We then parted the bike up and starting taking bits off to find the problem. Greg found that there was no compression in number 3 valve, so the problem was in the piston rod area, unfortunately that was it for Greg. We then turned to my bike and I started it, and hydrauliced - so we had to push start it, it finally fired and ran rough for a while. It had been three months since I last rode the 400 at Taupo, so I was hesitant about how I would go but after getting the practice out of the way,I felt much better. In race one I was following a fellow rider and came up beside him under brakes on the hairpin. After the race Greg had a big smile on his face and showed me the lap times, this was a personal best for me of 1:11:93. I had entered the pre 89 Juniors so I had a full day of racing having some fun with GP 125's. The day was well run by AMCC with a lot of racing. Many thanks to AMCC whom ran a race day with lots of racing and thanks to our sponsors SSS Lodge, Adam Inta/Henderson Motorcycles, webdes and family. Thanks to our pit crew Alex and Corey for their great job of helping out. Regards Bob

Add on from Greg:

The engine problem turned out to be a small piece of metal that had sucked through the inlet mesh and lodged on top of the #1 piston in the 'squish' zone. All that was needed was to lift the head and tidy up the marks on the piston & head with some sandpaper and put it back together again. The motor has been run up a few times without problem fingers crossed for round 2 this Sunday October 3rd at Pukekohe.

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