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No Hair Racing Race Report Pacific MC Club #2 March 28th and Auckland MC Club #3, April 4th 2004

Engine Failures at Both!!

After finishing the last round of the Group 2 Nationals in January, Bob & I had not raced since and were both looking forward to the Pacific round at Taupo on March 28th then the following weekend, the Auckland round at Pukekohe...

Part 1 Taupo:

We should have known things wouldn't be going well as on the way down to Taupo, Bob's trailer (after the No Hair trailer lost it's axle) blew a tyre just north of Tokoroa at about 7:45am. His spare had a torn sidewall and was bulging so it took us awhile to find help in Tokoroa. We were rescued by Firestone in Ashworth St Tokoroa who opened up their shop for us and found a tyre that would fit our old trailer rims.

We got to Taupo at 10:15am and were scrutineered and allowed to compete (thanks Pacific), just in time for the first F3 practice session. I was just warming up in about the 6th lap when my engine started rattling just like my old 1WG motor had at Manfeild in December. I pulled off the track and we couldn't hear any noise in the pits. We decided to fire it up again for the 2nd practice session but as soon as I put the motor under load the noise reappeared. I came off and parked the bike on the trailer, tied it down then went off and helped with the lap scoring...that was my racing over for the day. Bob had a quiet uneventful day on the track, from my view point, finishing his races near the back of the field, afterwards when I talked to him, he said there was nothing wrong but he couldn't seem to get motivated.

Part 2 Pukekohe:

At Manfeild the old '87 1WG motor that I had thrashed all last winter had run a big-end bearing on the #4 cylinder following my riding it between 12,000 to 15,000rpm all that day due to a carburretion flat spot at 10-11,000rpm. Henderson Motorcycles gave me a newer 3TJ motor ~1990 which I put in my YZF-600 race cams and took down to the South Island for the Nationals rounds. These cams produced a lot of power up the top end all the way to the rev-limiter at 15,500 and even though I knew high revs would 'kill' the engine, it's very hard not to use it when you've got it, so all in all it was fortunate that the motor survived both SI rounds.

It was the 3TJ motor that failed at Taupo (later I found the #4 big end bearing had failed on this motor too), but I had replaced the bearings in the old 1WG motor, so had 6 nights and Saturday to get the motors changed over...well one thing led to another and I finally got the 1WG motor installed with a new head gasket on Sunday morning at 6:30am, so we were off to Pukekohe for the Auckland Club round.

The motor fired up with no problems, so off I went in practice and managed to equal my best lap time on the old 400 motor of 1:12.29 secs. I came in all fired up for sub 1:11's in the first race. Race 1 started and I got a mediocre start but managed to pick up a few places under braking at the hairpin. One of them was Haydn F. on a RS125 GP bike, but he managed to go round me mid corner, then I nailed him on the exit as the 125's take awhile to find their power band, after 2 laps I think I was in 5th place when the motor started to slow on the back straight and the well known noise came back. I went back to the pits, put the bike in the trailer and that was another day over.

I've got a few weeks before the next meeting, so am busy rebuilding the 3TJ motor. When I lifted it's head I found the inlet valves had been touching the pistons, so obviously the 600 cams are a bit too radical for the 400 motor...but it was an interesting experiment.

We've had to move our Yamaha support from Haldanes Motorcycles, we've very much appreciated the service and support Haldanes have given us over the past few years but Haldanes have moved away from Yamaha after 30 years. Henderson Motorcycles have risen to the challenge of helping us in our racing efforts, so a big thanks goes to Adam Inta and his team out west.

Thanks too to our other sponsors! WEBDES.CO.NZ ez-Site DIY web site, and SSSLodge - for REAL Horse Power.

Hope to see you at the next meeting (with motors running again)

Cheers, Greg

No Hair Racing

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