Bob - Vic Club #5 & AMCC #1


Well it is racing time again and this time will be the last of the series at Manfield. When we arrived at Fielding after a very wet drive down, we went straight to the Warehouse as we'd both forgotten to put our light raincoats into our bags. This proved to be a wise move as it stopped our leathers from getting too wet as we would need them on Sunday at Pukekohe. We had an early night and stayed with my Uncle Fred..

We only had to change my wheels to full wets as Greg had his already on. I was hoping the weather would be fine as I could try out my new tyres that Chris at Haldane Motorcyles had put on the previous week. The Victoria Club got off to a slow start due to the bad weather i.e. slips blocking roads etc. Our aim was to have some fun and to stay upright and intact to finish the series which we successfully achieved.

We were supposed to be using the long circuit but due to leaves and debris, they decided due to safety reasons, to use the short circuit. The track had a lot of surface water on it, Higgins i.e. the first corner after the start finish was very slippery and the back straight had a big pool of water running across it. I was taking it easy until I felt comfortable with the track. Greg seemed to take to the track like a duck to water but he was also taking it easy as well. Greg was placed 4th and 6th and held on to a top 10 placing for the series. I finished 9th and 12th giving me 16th place for the series.

In Formula 2 Greg was placed 9th and 13th, finishing in the series in 13th place. I managed to finish 11th and 14th and a placing of 18th overall in the series.

Well the last race of the day was nearing and hailstorm came over so they had to cancel the racing for the day. This enabled us to change our sprockets and pack up and head off back to Te Kauwhata ready for another days racing at Pukekohe for the first round of the Auckland Motorcycle Club Series.

Arrived at Pukekohe race track at 8.00a.m., weather was fine but with scattered showers. I would be using my dry tyres from Chris Haldanes Motorcycles. So after taking it easy for the first lap so as to scrub in the tyres and then to get used to the track as it had been some time since we were last there racing. Greg had lent me an Ohlins Shock for the rear which was working well but as Dave Cole was walking passed the pits, we asked his advice on our suspension setups and he picked up that the shock on my bike didn't have enough travel upwards when no weight was on the bike.

On the race track I started off well and found myself in front of Greg until the Castrol corner when Greg got in front of me and all I could do then was keep him in sight. In the second race I had some fun with Number 57 a two stroke when he tried to come past me on the beginning of the back straight but couldn't. I managed to hold him off going over the start finish. We finished the day tired but happy and looking forward to the next time on November 16th. Thanks to our Sponsors, Haldane Motorcycles,, SSS Lodge, Haydn and Alex as Pitcrew and Uncle Fred for his hospitality and putting up with us.

Until next time Bob

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