Alex - HMCC Rnd 6

Great day for Rnd 6

Dad woke me up on Sunday and asked "Do you want to go to moto-x today?" and I said Yep! Bob Knight (also known as Billy Bob) and dad had been racing down at manfield and someone had chucked something at the windscreen and put a huge crack in it and after racing they went home Saturday night so they were a bit tired. After breakfast Bob asked me "Are you going to use the throttle Swamp Rat?"(I got the name swamp rat from crashing the YZ in a small creek at Rnd 3 of the last Bel-ray) and I said "Of course!" When we got to the track we unloaded the bike and saw Phil Hunter drive past in his station wagon with a little husky on the trailer. I went to sign-on and went to check out the track and biffed a couple of rocks off the track. When I came back I helped sort the licenses out in alphabetical order and then Bob had a great idea, he had cut some pieces of cardboard and put letters A-f g-j etc and that had helped a lot because there were a lot of licenses. While I was racing I made a stupid mistake by going around a corner and taking the same line where I was losing the front end thinking that I wouldn't make the same mistake but I was wrong and crashed at the same corner about 3 or 4 times but I've got the hang of going on the #5 table top which I think is great. But I did another dumb thing by having the choke on when I thought some thing was wrong with the bike (duh!). Just before lunch dad said that he sunk a big 200 kg drum full of dust control stuff in a pond by accident but they managed to get it out with the Honda quad (yay!). After all the races everyone headed to the speedway clubroom so dad and Bob loaded the No Hair trailer with all the booze and fizzy drinks and said "stay here with your bike and we'll come back for it" so while I was waiting for dad there was a board with all the points and I came 5th overall in the 13-16 85cc class so I was happy! Next time you'll see me I will probably be on a '04 YZ 125.

See ya!

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