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Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head down to Manfield for another days racing with Greg. Arrived at Manfield track at 7.15a.m. after saying our good-byes to Uncle Fred. We only had Greg’s tyres to change from wet to dries.

This meeting was a reverse track which was a challenge. The track looked familiar in parts and strange in other parts. So after a few laps I was getting used to riding the circuit back to front. Greg seemed to adapt to the circuit really well and with added support of new tyres, bought from Chris Haldane which gave him a lot more confidence around the track which reflected in his lap times, 22.09 - Go Greg!!!! Times were faster in the reverse direction according to the track officials.

I had altered the jet size i.e.: went up in size but it left a flat spot around 10,000 rpm. My best lap time for F2 was 24.22 and 24.03 in F3. We both had a lot of fun mixing it with the other riders.

Thanks to our sponsors, Uncle Fred who put up with us but at least he got a free dinner and a pint at the Rangiriri Club, Haldane Motorcycles, and SSS Lodge.

If you are passing our way at the pits, call in you might be lucky and get a cuppa.

Billy Bob No. 55

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