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Victoria MC Club #3, July 26 2003

Round 3 arrived way to fast for me, it's hard to believe a month had passed since last racing. I had a week away from home with work, so the bike had not been touched until we (Bob & I) got down to the track on Saturday morning. All was good though, because Chris Haldane had replaced my 2-3 year old slicks with nice new sticky Metzler RennSports (at a very low price!!) and these proved to be a lot more confidence inspiring than the old slicks.

Saturday morning turned out cold (1°C) but clear, and temperatures soon got up to 15°C which was great for mid-winter. This time we were riding the track in reverse direction which I had never done before...5 years going one way and now???

At the last round, once the track had dried out I had managed a 1min:24sec lap time for my personal best on the 400. This time I don't know what happened, but after the practice sessions, I posted a time of 1:22.099 in the first race, two seconds faster!

The bike was running perfectly and so too were the new tyres, so I could spend the whole day concentrating on my riding. In the F3 class I finished 8th overall for the day, but the 4 guys in front of me were less than 1 sec a lap faster which meant we were changing positions often throughout the races. Great for learning new lines, braking, slip streaming you can imagine it was exactly what I needed!

I'm still a bit chicken under braking into corners, and am still turning in a little too early, but exiting seems to be as quick as everyone else. The '87 400 is not quite as powerful as the fastest guys in F3, but if I can improve a couple more seconds before the summer all should be well to tackle the Champs (I hope).

Race fitness is another area I need to improve, as Bob and I are doing both F2 & F3 classes, by the end of the day we're both feeling tired and sore with a few muscle cramps setting in. My times slowed by about 1.5 seconds over the day, so improving my fitness should lead to more consistent times.

F3 is run after F2 so I didn't try too hard in the last F2 race (too old/tired) in order to save it for the last F3 race. Needless to say Bob was waiting for his opening and sneaked up behind me almost getting me by the finish line (but not quite Bob!). In doing so he clocked his best time of the day at 1:24.220!

Thanks again to Vic Club for a great day and our sponsors, Haldane Motorcycles (seriously...check out their tyre deals!), WEBDES.CO.NZ, and SSSLodge. We're off to MX on August 3rd at Slater Park, Huntly, then road racing again at Manfeild on August 30th so if you see us there, drop by for a chat (and ask 'Billy Bob' for a cuppa (bring your own milk though)).

Cheers, Greg

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