Bob - Vic Club #2

No Hair Racing Race Report Victoria MC Club #2. June 29, 2003

Left Te Kauwhata 2.10p.m. on Saturday to arrive at Fielding at approx. 7.50p.m. to have a meal at an Indian Pizza place. Greg ordered rice and spicy curried chicken and I followed suit, trusting his choice in food. He then proceeded to tell me his experiences overseas in restaurants and the bugs you pick up ie: stomach bugs. I then remarked that I hope we don’t end up with the squirts for Sunday morning racing, this had Greg worried all night. After dinner we called on Uncle Fred for a bed for the night then sat down to watch the All Blacks Test vs France and then off to bed to get some well needed shut eye for Sunday Racing.

We woke Sunday bleary eyed thinking about what we were doing here when we could be lying in and relaxing. But we knew there would be a good days racing ahead of us. We arrived at the track to stake our claims on a pit site - along with the Karts.

The first thing we did after unloading our gear was to put on our wets. The track was wet - but no rain. The circuit was the short circuit this time around. After doing a few warm up laps in F2 and F3, we were into it. I had altered the stack heights on my FZR 400 and it didn’t feel right, it seemed softer in the mid range so I changed it back to my normal Bell Mouth Stacks which didn’t feel any better. Greg said it was probably because I was going quicker and wanting more power.

Greg’s FZR 400 was going really well compared to the last time at the track and I couldn’t keep up with him, go Greg!!!! As the day went on our times came down. At lunch time the track had dried out so we took our wets off. There were still patches of wet areas on the track which made the bike slide when crossing them.

I tried an experiment with a Heart Rate Monitor in the first race and as it started off on the dummy grid at 106 BPM (beats per minute) and in the warm up lap it went from 105 to 129 BPM, and the next lap 126 - 147 BPM, 156 - 157 BPM and the last lap 157 to 175 BPM. To give you an idea of my age group it should be a maximum heart rate of 177. Greg had the monitor on at Taupo when he crashed and it recorded maximum heart rate of 196 BPM - a real adrenaline rush.

As the track was drying out both Greg and I managed some good times ie: the fastest lap turning in a 1:25.00 and Greg 1:24.00 which ended the day on a good note. Thanks to Victoria MC Club for a well organised day again. Also thanks to our sponsors Haldane Motorcycles, and SSS Lodge. If you are passing our pit site don’t forget to call in for a cuppa.

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