Greg - Vic Club #2

No Hair Racing Race Report Victoria MC Club #2, June 29 2003

Hee hee hee...I'm happy again!

After struggling in round 1 with the wrong jet settings on the carbbies, I was fairly sure I had gone in the right direction by reducing their sizes but I hadn't had a chance to find out until race day. Much to my surprise, all is good! The motor now has smooth power delivery all the way to 11,000rpm then surges away to over 14,500rpm with ease(I hit the rev-limiter a couple of times).

Bob and I had entered both Formula 2 and Formula 3 again to ensure maximum track time and it paid off as we both picked up lots of points in both classes.

It had been raining all night so the track was wet for our qualifying sessions, I managed 10th in amongst the 600's in F2 and 7th in F3 with the 400's to set my grid positions for the day.

Needless to say, I had huge gobs of fun now that the motor was pulling everywhere through the rev range. Bob improved his times tremendously over that of the first round and lapped slightly faster than me in the 2nd F3 race. After that, the track dried out enough for us to go to 'dry' tyres and in the last race I managed a new PB of 1 min 24.16 secs (about 4 secs off my 600cc PB) and Bob 1:25.38 (go Bob!).

In that last F3 race I managed to hold 4th place for 3 laps before finishing in 6th. Bob had commented that he was catching me under brakes and so in that last race I tried hard to brake later, but I still have a lot to do to improve. I'm not too bad once I've apexed the corner and am putting on power, and the 400 now has almost the same power as the top guys in F3, but I'm letting a lot of people pass when braking into the corners.

Only one 'chook chaser' (super motard bike) got past me all day and that was Dennis Charlett so guess I shouldn't be too ashamed. After 2 practice sessions and 6 races, I'm still feeling a bit sore today but it certainly was worth it for a great day of racing!

My results in F2 were 10th, 14th, & 12th and in F3 were 5th, 7th, & 6th which by my calculations puts me 10th in F2 for the series and 9th in F3.

Thanks again to our sponsors, Haldane Motorcycles (Bob's grooved rear - awesome in the wet!), WEBDES.CO.NZ, and SSSLodge. We're off to MX on July 6th at Slater Park, then road racing again at Manfeild on July 26th so if you see us there, drop by for a chat (and ask 'Billy Bob' for a cuppa).

Cheers, Greg

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