Bob - NI Cup#3 / Vic Club #1


Well Thursday came real quick as Greg and I ( Bob) loaded up my bike and gear after work. By 5.00 o'clock we were heading South towards Feilding to stay the night at my Uncle Fred's. The last two weeks was very hectic as I decided to check my valve clearance on my FZR 400. After finding a few tight inlet valves, I proceeded to remove the cam and promptly dropped a guide pin into the motor. The oil was drained - the sump taken off to find this elusive pin. Everything went back together and valve timing took a few more nights to get right.

Well we arrived at Feilding at about 11.00pm having to wake up uncle Fred from his beauty sleep. Friday morning came all too quick as we headed for Manfeild track. The track was very wet and had oil dropped on it from a car that was out on the track, so I had to be extra careful out there. I had one bit of excitement when I touched the white line and oil in the S bend, I did a bit of a slip slide.

Lapping around the track in the wet I managed to sus out the lines to take into most corners which would help a lot on Saturday morning racing. Friday went real quick as in between when the cars were out on the track, I was helping Greg with his carbs i.e. setting needle heights and pinched fuel lines, exactly what happened to me a month or two out at Pukekohe. Before we left Manfeild track we put our wets on ready for Saturday morning racing, thanks to Chris Haldane who spent a couple of hours grooving a soft Pirelli tyre for the rear, which worked extremely well in the wet, as this was the first time I had ridden on a wet track with wets. This took me a few laps to get used to the tyres and track. We'd entered both F2 and F3 classes to give us maximum track time. I followed Greg and managed to get close to him and after every lap I was catching him up in the straights, until I suddenly found myself going passed him on the start finish straight. I was going well until I stuffed up on the hairpin by going down into a too lower gear, Greg then saw his chance and passed me on the inside.

I managed to pass a few riders in the F3 races and ended up by having a go with Number 47, who was going really well at the end of the day, as this was her first time on Manfeild's long circuit as well as mine.

Racing came to and end all too soon, we packed up our bikes and gear to head home to Auckland, tired but very happy with thoughts of how to improve on bike and rider performance.

Thanks to our sponsors Haldane Motorcycles, and SSS Lodge and our wives for letting us go away for the weekend.


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