Alex - Jnr Nat MX '03

The NZ junior Moto-X champs '03 were a huge three-day event and we managed to get a parking space.

We were staying at dad's uncles, which was only a couple of minutes to the track, which was great.

There were 63 riders in the 11-12 yrs 85cc, 34 in 12-14 yrs 125cc, about 76 in 13-16 yrs 85cc, 55 in 15-16 125cc and 28 in 8-10 85's. The track was 2.1km and it was great. The weather turned out really good.

One of the scary things that happened to me on this table top which was after this big down hill part and I think I was in a gear too fast so when I hit the table top the back wheel gave way underneath me so the bike was almost vertical(90°) and I had forgotten to press the rear brake so the wheel would come back up but when it landed I managed to kick it down a gear and steer it away from the bank which said something like 'don't worry I'm trying as hard as I can!'. When I got to the pits dad said while I was in the air everyone was gasping and when I landed safely every one started clapping.

My fastest lap time over three days was something like 3:04.855 and my average speed in that lap was 40kph (km/h). One of the cool things about the track was that Neil Richie was commentating for the three days and he was good at yelling (talking/shouting) stuff through the microphone so you could hear what he was saying when the bikes went past. I might have been one of the slowest and have one of the oldest bikes out on the track but I learnt heaps and had a hell of a great time.

Thanks to my sponsors Haldane Motorcycles, SSSLodge, and WEBDES.CO.NZ and thanks to uncle Gary and auntie Peggy for their hospitality.

See ya!

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