Bob - Taupo March 23 '03

Race Report - Sunday 23rd March '03 - Taupo

Well here we are again, heading South towards Taupo. Only this time I will be riding around the Taupo Circuit for the first time. We meaning Greg and Bob, left at 5.20a.m. to arrive at Taupo for signing in around 8.00a.m.

After failing bike inspection on the exhaust system, and after wiring it up, the FZR400 finally passed inspection. My first practice on the Taupo circuit felt strange as I tried to remember what Greg and I discussed about the lines to take around the circuit corners. Taupo's a technical track to ride and it wasn't until after riding a couple of practices and racing, that I started to get used to the track. With my times starting at 55's and coming down to 50.19 with room for improvement. Greg had a good day with his lap times coming down to his goal time of 0.2 seconds off his best.

A great day was had by all, as we packed up and headed back north we were tired but happy with no damage to bikes or riders. Our thanks to our pit crew Noel and Vern and our support team back home mainly wives Jane and Nevina.

written by Billy Bob

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