Bob - Puke Test Day Mar 14

Friday 14th March 2003 Friday arrived too soon as I had been working on the race bike (FZR400) most nights of the week. It had been November last year when I last rode the bike. It had been to the Dyno Tuners and he had put different needle valves in it. This all came about after I decided to try a ram air system after seeing it on Gregs bike. I had made a new fibreglass air box (i.e. orginal was 7 Ltr new 8 ltr) and gone to a 60mm air vent on the front of the bike. Well Friday didn't start out that good. The first time out on the Pukekohe race track it had a bad flat spot between 10,000rpm and 12,000rpm, so we decided to alter the needle setting i.e. make it richer. That didn't make a lot of difference, by the way I lost a small o ring on top of the carb. housing and had to improvise and make another o ring. The next step after talking to Greg was to richen it up on the main jets so from 115 to 120 we put in 134 to 136, well what a difference that made. The bike was a different bike with constant power through the rev range. Greg had solved his problem with his air intake by placing some duct tape across part of it, but found it still fluffing up in the rpm range so he decided to go up in jet size. Well it was a different bike also. So a good day was had by all and thanks to Gary and his assistance at the track for running a trouble free day at Pukekohe. Billy Bob (alias Chick Spotter)

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