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The team's changed a lot over the past few years... Greg and Alex are still here plus a few others not mentioned in the old profiles below.

Mark Percival (Greg's older, more intelligent brother) is the newest member of the team (hard to photograph though) will be racing in the Clubman's class at various meetings around the North Island in 2010.

Phil Snowdon (I have a photo somewhere) has been with the team for 3 years is now taking a break while expecting his and Andreana's first sproglet due to arrive today (16/12/09 1 min past midnight).

And of course our late super hero team member Derek Hill who took over from Chris as our star team member. The team has certainly missed Derek's drive and determination since the accident in March '08.

Updated profiles of our earlier team mates are below:

Logan Bennett
Age: 22

Newly married and chasing a career in the motorcycle accessories business, Logan isn't racing on the big track these days but you can still find him Bucket Racing at Mt. Wellington!

Chris Wiltshire
Age: 46

Still tall, handsome, balding...past hero of our team. Placed 9th in his rookie year in the Formula 2 National Champs, 5th this year in both F2 and Production 600 Battle of the Streets Series, 11th (with Greg holding him in check) in the 2000 four hour Endurance Champs... this guy might still be GOOD!!!

Has now retired but there is some suggestion that he'll be back if he hadn't become a hot shot IT professional. 

mild mannered Chris Wiltshire, alias Turtle Man
Greg Percival
Age: 49

Tall, handsome, well-haired...none of these words describe Greg. Struggling with mid-life crisis, Greg works hard to remain an average m/c racer. Luckily we had Chris & Derek to maintain the prestigious name of "No Hair Racing". 

 Greg's now playing back in F3...too old to compete with the 600 guys.

somewhere in NZ, a village is missing an idiot
Stella Wiltshire
Age: 21

Able to prepare lunch between races this spanner-lady can do it all. Stell's the glue that use to hold the team she's full-time massaging Chris's ego Stell puts up with it all with serenity.

 Come back Stel please!

the glue that holds the team together
Alex Percival
Age: 20

The team member with the most potential. He started riding at age 9 and racing at 12. Tall, blonde, and still with the cutest dimples... this guy stopped admiring the scenary at the back of the MX field and won the intermediate 125 champs at Patetonga in 2009. Way to go Alex!!! 
Happy Owner Brand New YZ-125
Bob Knight
Age: 50

Bob (or "Billy" Bob to his friends) is the TV Superstar of the team. Where Chris and Greg took four years to sum 30 seconds of prime TV coverage, Bob attracted 4 minutes on NZ's top rating sports program "Sport on One" the very first time he went racing.

Bob's prized FZR400 was reduced to ashes at Manfeild but he's busy prepping another one so he can come back from retirement soon (eh Bob?).

Billy Bob TV sports star

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