Greg - BOS Gisborne '03

'Battle of the Streets 2002/3' Gisborne Circuit

After a busy few nights changing the fairing on my bike and oil & filter change on the R6 saw me ready to tow the trailer to Mt Maunganui (160km) on Friday night. Overnight at Mum & Dad's, then 6am off to Gisborne another 290km away. It was the first time I had been down the Waiotahi gorge from Opotiki to Gisborne and the scenary was awesome. Very high steep bush covered ranges on both sides breaking thru the pass at the top into almost arid brown grass hill farms it was almost worth the trip on its own.

Arriving in Gisborne around 9:40am, it took me a little time to find the track, then sign on and get the bike scrutineered. The Gisborne street circuit is different again from both Wanganui & Paeroa and I would have enjoyed it a lot more without the experience of the previous weekend. There were a number of very smooth shiney patches of tar seal so thoughts of Paeroa were on my mind, especially when a couple of the corners were very slippery.

The first practice session saw me going around very carefully and to be honest I was really wondering what I was doing out there. My knee and shin were still stiff and swollen and I could only just bend my knee enough to get it on the foot peg. When I came in, Chris's Dad spotted oil on the right hand side, as a leak had opened up from the road rash suffered at Paeroa. Bill Van den Hoven came to the rescue with some Selleys Knead-It which solved the problem. While it was setting, I went out in the 2nd F2 practice on Chris's R6.

His bike is set up much harder than mine, so it was bouncing on the bumps more, it has more power, lighter brakes, and higher centre of gravity, so it took a few laps to get the feel of it again, hence it wasn't as good a session as if it had been on my own bike. I did manage to get out again for a couple of laps on my bike to check for oil leaks at the end of the day...thankfully none!

I won't say too much about the racing on Sunday, in my two F2 races I came in 12th out of 15 after 3 riders DNF'd and 14th out of 14 in the second race. The second, was more fun as my knee had loosened up quite a lot and I was getting used to the circuit, but my lap times didn't improve at all due to the amount of oil/tar/cement dust on the track.

At the end of the 2nd race I was just feeling that I was getting to grips with the circuit and would have liked another couple of races to get my times down. The good thing is that I picked up another 6 points to go with my 1 from Wanganui and I've ended up 24th out of 35 total riders in the series.

Chris had a tremendous result finishing 5th in both F2 and 600 production classes and being the first Yamaha home in both!!

So, the big question.... was it all worth it??? You BET!!! Can't wait 'til next year, I've learnt a whole bunch about Street Racing compared to track racing and not all the same rules apply, so next year if I'm allowed I'll be a starter.

Our next meeting will probably be Taupo on March 23rd and hopefully Bob Knight will be joining us as well. Hope to see some of you there, thanks again to Jane (for letting me out to play), Chris (for his inspiration), Bill VDH (I Kneaded-It), Stel (nutritional needs & push starts) & Chris's Dad (push starts).

Chris has put up lots of photos on the web site

Cheers, Greg P.

Greg Percival No Hair Racing.

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