Greg - SS R5, '02

Suzuki Series 2002 Rnd 5 Taupo "Regaining Confidence"

Racing went OK for me yesterday, although finishing well down in the B grade field.

My confidence was down a bit after crashing last round, and also at this meeting last year I broke my collar bone. I went out in the practice round and even though I was waiting for the slide it still caught me again in the same corner as last year, with the rear end only stepping out about 300mm and easily controlled this time (phew).

Air temp was about 8 deg C, but once I'd done a few laps it was OK. I couldn't get my head around going fast all day, so best lap time for the day was 46.5 compared to my personal best in April of 45.3.

The crash at Rnd 3 had destroyed the FZR400 fairings and being low on funds I dug around in the shed and managed to make a set of the old Thunder Cat fairings look tidy and fit the bike (check out the Home Page piccie on

Chris put some new tyres on his R6 and achieved a new best of 42.79 (prev. 43.03) so he was happy, we also got picked in the "best presented team" competition and ended up second (judging by applause).

My goal for the day was not to crash, so I achieved that, and I'm quite happy to wait for warmer weather to work on my lap times.

Hope to see some of you at the final round at Manfeild in September.

Cheers, Greg

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