Greg - SS R3, '02

Suzuki Series 2002 Rnd 3 Taupo "Wet Weather Wonders"

It turned out wet for most of yesterday's round 3 of the Suzuki Series at Taupo track. Chris and I really proved the value of wet weather tyres.

In my first race I started on the 7th row of the grid having only gained 1 point in the previous 2 rounds and I had spotted that only a few riders had fitted "wets". I shot up the inside of the track to the first corner knowing that I could late brake most of the field to the first corner. Then I did the same going into the hairpin. By the 4th lap I was in 3rd place with only Steve Briggs & Brent Symes on their "Chook Chasers" in front. I managed to get Brent on the last lap to finish 2nd.

The second race was after lunch and a number of riders had fitted "wets" during the break so there was more competition and the track was very wet. It helped starting off the front row but I was held up by a 750 for awhile and managed to finish in 3rd.

The last race was much drier and I had managed to work my way up to 5th or 6th place in the 4th lap when I chased an HD/Buell fast into the hairpin. It looked like he was taking a much tighter line than he had in the previous lap which I hadn't counted on and so I had to brake harder and I lost the front end and went down sliding along the track behind my bike. Not too fast as I was in first gear but the track was so slippery that I kept on sliding and my bike collided with the back of the HD/Buell taking him out of the race as well. He was super pissed and demanded I pay for damages (which I declined), needless to say it spoiled what had been a good day.

Bob had leant me his heart rate monitor so I would have failed "The Chair" recording a maximum of 196 beats per minute (not bad at age 42).

Chris had a much better time finishing 3rd, 2nd, & 5th? in A grade. He was the first 600 class bike home behind National champs #1 & #2 on 1000's! End of day results saw him in 2nd place in A grade, and even with my crash I was 5th in B grade. I've got a bit of work to do fixing the bike, it'll need new fairings, clutch & gear levers, LH engine cover, and air intake housing and plumbing (plus more I haven't spotted yet). The plastic slide block we fitted saved a lot more damage.

Hopefully I can find the $$$ before the next round in July.

Thanks to Dad, Bob, & Stella (worlds best pitcrew) and to Suzuki Series for another almost flawless day's racing.

Greg P. No Hair Racing

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