Greg - PMCC R3, '02

PMCC Series 2002 Rnd 3

Chris and I had heaps of fun at Taupo yesterday for the last round of the Pacific Motorcycle Club series.

Not too many people turned out, but those that did were doing some fast times in the warm autumn weather. We entered both Formula 1 and Formula 2 classes and completed 2 practice sessions then 2 F1 races and 3 F2 races and finished with a 10 lapper for all classes.

I managed to do 10 laps under my previous lap record set 2 years ago at 46.01 secs with a fastest lap of 45.34 secs. Chris got down very close to his best (43.00) with a 43.11 lap. I almost managed to catch a bloke on one of the new Suzuki GSXR600's in the last F2 race and confirmed that I go faster when racing in similar company.

In the last 10 lap race we swapped bikes and I found Chris's old tyres would have stopped him getting into the 42's at least. I had a nice slide from the front wheel in turn one where my slicks are super-grippy and a couple more small slides from the rear. His bike has a bit more horsepower though, but taller and heavier in the corners and on brakes! I guess he's gotten use to those old tyres and hadn't realised how bad they'd become.

Chris found that my bike was too soft on the rear spring rate for him, plus the seating/foot peg position didn't suit his extra height and leg length, but did have fun in the hairpin.

Chris ended up with a trophy for 2nd place in F2 for the series (I'll have to wait for the results to be posted to see where I came in F2, I know last for F1).

Thanks to Dad & Stella for pit crewing and time-keeping.

Thanks again for taking an interest in our racing, bye for now, Greg.

Visit to see all the lap times in the pictures section.

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