Greg - AMCC R3, '02

Hi All, patchy weather made for some fun racing at the last round of the AMCC club champs yesterday at Pukekohe.

Highlights for me were:

Pulling 14,200 rpm in 6th gear with tail wind assistance to reach a top speed of 270 kmph (168mph).

Managing a lap time of 68.86 seconds which is almost back to pre-TT2000 time of 68.14 set on the old Thundercat.

Being seeded into A grade (and not quite finishing last) for the last two races.

And lastly, watching Ray Clee come within 0.1 sec of the lap record at 58.09 as he won the Formula Auckland races (he lapped me after 8 laps!).


Missing the 1st practice session due to not being able to push start the bike. It wouldn't turn over even in 6th gear. On taking the crank cover off the motor turned over with the help of a 12" crescent with very high compression on one cylinder which cleared after the first turn. Diagnosis - could be fuel flooding into one cylinder causing hydraulicing, so will need to check out the carbbies!

Picking the wrong tyres for the A grade race. Showers were going overhead most of the afternoon so I went with the wet weather tyres, but unfortunately the track dried just before the A grade race. I managed a 70 sec lap but both front and rear tyres were sliding at lean angles much less than on proddy tyres or slicks - still good learning experience though!

Still some tapping noises from the engine at idle revs...seems to be running well everywhere else (maybe an exhaust leak??).

Hopefully the bike and myself are in reasonably good condition for the start of the Suzuki Series next weekend (April 14th).

Now the biq it gonna rain or stay dry???

Thanks for taking an interest in No Hair Racing, and thanks to pitcrew Bob & Haydn Knight, and Alex Percival.

Cheers, Greg

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