Summary of the Past Year

Summary of A Year's Racing

I knew I hadn't written any race reports for quite awhile but didn't realise that it's been a year since my last report. I guess after 11 years of racing now, I've lost a bit of interest in writing up my results but I have been racing quite a bit over the last 12 months.

Here's a quick summary:

Victoria M/C Club Actrix 2008 series, 21st out of 60 in the Superbike class and 19th out of 59 in the Supersport class. Got knocked off at one of the rounds which didn't help the points tally but I did end on a great note with a new personal best at Manfeild of 1 min 13.7 on the short track. I was hoping for a top 10 finish in the Supersport class but the competition was much tougher than 2007 especially with the South Islanders visiting a few times.

2009 National Champs Castrol Power 1 600 Sports Production class. Unfortunately not one of my better nationals campaign's. After finishing the Vic Club series on a high I thought I'd perform better at the nationals but I injured my knee possum shooting on the farm in November and my race fitness was poor for the start of the Nationals in January. I ended up 23rd out of 26 picking up only 4 points over the 10 races. I did reduce my best lap time at Levels by 0.6 of a second but found I was doing my best times on the first day of practice. By the time race day came my endurance wasn't good enough and I'd be 1 to 2 secs a lap slower. I could have picked up some more points at the 4th round at Manfeild except I crashed in the 10th lap due to tiredness.

Protecta Auckland M/C Champs 08/09. Another mixed bag of results with me missing a couple of the races in the first two rounds, then being away for work in the 3rd round, I still managed to finish 5th out of 21 in the 600 class and 10th out of 27 in the 1000 class.

Now we're back doing the Vic Club Actrix series for 2009. I've done the first two rounds and stuffed up my tyre choice at the first round running wet tyres on a mostly dry track. Best time was 6 secs a lap slower than my previous best! I finished the day 23rd out of 33 in the Superbike class and 12th out of 26 in the 600 class.

Round 2 on June 20th and 21st started out much better...the track was cold but dry both days, my engine temperature was 2 degrees before starting on Saturday and 6 degrees on Sunday. Qualifying for Superbikes wasn't so good as my visor was fogging most of the way and I was 24th on the grid out of 35. I fixed up my visor for the Supersport qualifier and dropped almost 2 secs off my previous best on the long track in 8th place.

The track was so cold that the rear tyre suffered from cold tearing...I didn't have a harder compound tyre with me so I put some more air into it and that helped a little. After qualifying on Saturday we had 1 x 6 lap race in each class then on Sunday a 10 lap and 6 lap in each class.

I spent most of the weekend dicing with Kevin Brookes on #45 (another oldy like me). He managed to beat me by 0.025 seconds in one race, then I managed to beat him in the long 10 lap SB race on Sunday morning...(but he got the better of me in the end)...

In the 10 lap SS race I got a great start and was 4th exitting turn 1 and lost a couple more places by the time we got to the 2nd hairpin on the long track extension. As I was turning in to the slow right hand hairpin, Kevin came up the inside and missed a gear and collided with my front wheel. Unfortunately I went down quite hard on my right shoulder and broke the collar bone into 4 pieces...the bike was still in pretty good shape but that was the end of the day for me. St. Johns recommended I go into hospital for an X-ray and team mate Phil's partner said she'd come in and hold my hand for me (thanks Andreana!).

We got back to the track after 3 hours only to find that Phil was just about to leave for the hospital with dislocated shoulder on one side and busted collar-bone and rib on the other side after high-siding exitting the short track a really fun day for No Hair racing (although I did drop another sec off my best time, now 2:03.065 on the long track). Andreana had to jump back into the ambulance for another trip to the hospital (she knows all the cute doctors there now).

Now you know why I have some time on my hands for writing race reports :-)

I'm out of a sling now and back at work but my Doctor recommends giving up racing (at least for 12 weeks due to the number of pieces of bone, and one is aimed at my lung if I fall on it too soon). Looks like I'll be watching the next round of the Vic Club series at the end of July...and we'll see what happens after that.

Brother Mark wants to ride the bike in Clubman's in that round but he'll need to clean off the mud and duct tape the fairings as I haven't touched it yet. I'll also need to get some nice new Pirelli's back on too.

Thanks again to all our supporters, Pirelli Tyres, Henderson Motorcycles, SSSLodge and I've got a bit of work to do on the 600 and also my FZR450 project will get some more attention so you'll be sure to hear from me again.

Cheers, Greg

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